BettyLou for NJ Assembly

“NEW JOBS” Endorses BettyLou DeCroce for NJ Assembly

For Immediate Release.
Contact: Brian T. Murray  (862) 701-5156

Parsippany, NJ – The New Jersey Organization for a Better State (NEW JOBS) today endorsed Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce for re-election, noting her tireless efforts in Trenton to improve the Garden State economy and create private sector jobs by fighting for pro-business policies that allow both small and large businesses to grow and maintain the type of employment that sustains  New Jersey families.

“The only way for New Jersey’s economy and job market to experience the type of boom witnessed in other parts of the nation is for government to encourage business growth, not impede it with ill-advised over-regulation and increased taxes. I have always voted against job-killing legislation in this state and I will continue to push for smart polices that encourage our local businesses to grow, become successful and provide the type of employment that helps families in the Garden State prosper,” said Assemblywoman DeCroce.

NEW JOBS is a nonpartisan organization that promotes a pro-business climate in New Jersey by endorsing and supporting legislative candidates who actively support economic growth, the creation of private-sector jobs, and the lowering of business costs. It is the state’s largest and most influential ideological business political action committee.

“The Trustees of the New Jersey Organization for a Better State (NEW JOBS PAC), which serves as the voice of business, have voted to endorse your candidacy in the 2019 General Election for the New Jersey General Assembly. Your NEW JOBS endorsement acknowledges your work with the business community to lower the cost of doing business, create jobs and build a better business climate,” wrote Chrissy Buteas, Executive Director of NEW JOBS, in a letter of endorsement to Assemblywoman DeCroce.

“On behalf of NEW JOBS Chairman Michael Brescia and the entire NEW JOBS Board of Trustees, we offer our congratulations on this endorsement,” Buteas added.