BettyLou DeCroce Bipartisan Leadership , Common sense solutions . Asw DeCroce is putting people before politics, Expanding health care access for our Veterans, Holding sexual abusers accountable, and opposing reckless tax & spend budgets.

Putting People before Politics

``As a young woman, I got into public service to make a positive difference for my community. That means working with anyone – in either party – who has a good idea.`` --BettyLou


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Meet BettyLou, a
Legislator for NJ!

CRACKING DOWN ON CORRUPTION - BettyLou is leading the charge against political patronage at state agencies costing taxpayers millions.

HOLDING SEXUAL ABUSERS ACCOUNTABLE - BettyLou is fighting to ensure the rights of rape and sexual abuse victims are protected in NJ courts.

EXPANDING HEALTHCARE ACCESS FOR VETERANS - BettyLou is pushing legislation that allows National Guard veterans to receive the benefits they earned.

OPPOSING RECKLESS TAX AND SPEND BUDGETS - BettyLou is standing up for taxpayers and job creators by opposing billions of dollars in tax and spending increases.

BettyLou DeCroce

BettyLou for NJ Assembly

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